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Your colleagues are amazing, so why not give them the skills the need to progress and help your business succeed at the same time?

By training up ambassadors in 3 key areas you can save money by reducing expensive support contracts and empowering your staff directly!

By offering this training to your staff, you are allowing them to feel more engaged and involved in your business and helping them to play a key role in securing the future productivity of the business.

We have targetted 3 key areas that often require businesses to have expensive support contracts to handle, but in fact can be handled by staff with little to no interruption to business.

These key areas have been pinpointed as being easy to manage, not time consuming and not complex enough to require specialist involvement. Just a little know how!

We will train any number of staff members in 1 - 3 of the areas as required, whereby they will be able to manage the basic tasks usually peformed by an expensive 3rd party company.

We will also provide access to our video tutorial library and our FAQ's section where many of the most common questions have been answered. If you find your question is not in there, you can email us directly and we will get an answer for you and future users to use.

365 Ambassador

Your staff member will be trained in the basics of the most commonly used 365 apps (Word, Excel, Outlook etc). 

This will include key features, new user sets ups and common issues encountered by the workforce and how to resolve them.

IT Ambassador

From password resets through to backup management, we will train your ambassador to be able the day-to-day IT operations in your business.

They will be able to assist users with basic issues such as password resets, email signature setups and many other common issues that can cost time and money when waiting on a 3rd party to do for you!

Cyber Security Ambassador

Many small and medium businesses rely on their staff to keep their systems safe from a cyber attack.

This ambassador will be taught the fundamental aspects of secure configuration needed to protect your systems, including software updates, antivirus and firewall best practice.

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