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Your colleagues do a great job but online threats can be sophisticated and sadly, people are often the weakest point.

Security related risks can be reduced by 70% by investing in cyber awareness training for your staff.


Our range of online awareness sessions can help to strengthen your front line of defence. Find our more below or call us now to book your sessions!

Our online awareness sessions cover a wide spectrum of best practice advice, as set out by the National Cyber Security Centre and involve a talk from one of our experts, alongside a training presentation and Q&A session at the end.

Each session  can accommodate various members of staff and has been adapted to suit all levels of computing ability.



Cyber criminals rely on weak passwords and poor password management.

We will help your staff understand the importance of Password Best Practice and build the knowledge and confidence to create strong, memorable passwords, helping to secure your data.


Social engineering has become a scourge on our modern workplace, with 95% of successful cyber attacks resulting from a phishing scam.

We give your staff a look inside the mind of a cyber criminal, raising awareness of how to spot threats and keep your data safe.


Many small and medium businesses rely on their staff to keep their systems safe from a cyber attack.

We cover the fundamental aspects of secure configuration needed to protect your systems, including software updates, antivirus and firewall best practice.